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Welcome! The orthodontic professionals at Valley Center Orthodontics are pleased to welcome you to our practice. We want all our patients to be informed decision makers and fully understand any health issues you face. That's why we've developed a web site loaded with valuable information about orthodontic problems and treatments. We encourage you to visit this site whenever you have concern about the appearance of your teeth.

Our web site also provides you with background about our staff, office hours, insurance policies, appointment procedures, maps, directions to our office in Valley Center, and other useful information. We know how hectic life can be and are committed to making our practice convenient and accessible. And we want you to feel confident that when you choose Valley Center Orthodontics, you're working with a team of professionals who are qualified, experienced and caring.

Valley Center Orthodontics is equipped to handle all your orthodontic needs including: 

  • Orthodontic Treatment for Adults
  • Orthodontic Treatment for Children
  • Orthodontic Surgery
  • Clear Aligners
  • Orthodontic Appliances
  • TMJ Therapy
  • Snore Appliance

Please take a few moments to look through this site to get a better feel for Valley Center Orthodontics' capabilities and services. We also invite you to contact our Valley Center office at any time to request an appointment or ask any questions. Thank you



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Our mission at Valley Center Orthodontics is to create beautiful smiles with the best quality of care in a very friendly environment.



Orthodontics is for any age

Many people think orthodontic treatment is just for children. The truth is people of all ages may benefit. Proper orthodontic treatment is determined by each person’s particular needs. Treatment programs, techniques and time may vary…




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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of jaw, face and bite irregularities (malocclusions*).  Orthodontic treatment is provided by an oral health care provider known as an Orthodontist, who has typically completed two to three years of additional training beyond dental school.  Recent years have brought about many changes within the dental industry, specifically with regards to orthodontic treatment and care.  Now more than ever patients are experiencing fewer incidences of cavities and...

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How often should I brush and floss?

Brushing and flossing help control the plaque and bacteria that cause dental disease. Plaque is a film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva that sticks to the teeth and gums.  The bacteria in plaque convert certain food particles into acids that cause tooth decay.  Also, if plaque is not removed,... ...Read More

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children get an orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7. Though orthodontic treatment can be done at any age, timely treatment ensures maximum dental health. ...Read More

You should have your teeth checked and cleaned at least twice a year, though your dentist or dental hygienist may recommend more frequent visits. Regular dental exams and cleaning visits are essential in preventing dental problems and maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.  At these visits,... ...Read More

The following are some of the most popular orthodontic braces: Traditional braces – These braces are strong and tend not to stain the teeth.  They are comprised of individual brackets which are cemented to each tooth and accompanied by an archwire which constantly asserts... ...Read More

A malocclusion is an incorrect relationship between the maxilla (upper arch) and the mandible (lower arch), or a general misalignment of the teeth.  Malocclusions are so common that most individuals experience one, to some degree.  The poor alignment of the teeth is thought to be a result of genetic... ...Read More

One of the most commonly asked questions about dental braces is whether placing them causes any pain or discomfort.  The honest answer is that braces do not hurt at all when they are applied to the teeth, so there is no reason to be anxious.  In most cases, there may be mild soreness or discomfort... ...Read More

Absolutely! Crooked or misaligned teeth look unsightly, which in many cases leads to poor self esteem and a lack of self confidence.  Aside from poor aesthetics, improperly aligned teeth can also cause difficulties biting, chewing and articulating clearly.  Generally speaking, orthodontists agree... ...Read More

A normal, healthy diet is still enjoyable while in braces.  You can still eat many of your favorite foods, but there will be some foods that you will need to stay away from.  We provide each patient with a list of foods to avoid.  This tells the patient which foods to stay away from and why. ...Read More

Some cases can be completed in less than a year. More difficult cases take longer.  The average case will take from 2-3 years. Our appointment system and the Doctors' mechanics are designed to reduce the number of times you will need to be seen and the overall length of treatment.  Treatment time... ...Read More

There are a few basic things to consider for proper use and maintenance of your retainer. Don’t lose the appliance – Removable retainers are very easy to lose.  It is advisable to place your retainer in the case it came in while eating, drinking and brushing.  Leaving a retainer folded in a... ...Read More

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